Virtual & Remote Services In Vernon

The times they are a changin’ and we are (virtually) here for you from Vernon.

Of course it is best meet in person, either in store or at your home but, this isn’t always possible. We can meet virtually and discuss your home or project and what you are looking for. We will be able to show you products as well as features and fabrics. This can be a great way to start your journey down the path of purchasing window coverings. This is also a great way if you are from out of town or would like to DIY yourself through your window covering purchase. We can teach you to measure your windows, help you select the products and then we will have the blinds you purchase from us delivered directly to your home. When it comes to install if you need a hand we can be there to walk you through the process if required.

What Can Virtual and Remote Services Do For You?

Great for DIYers

Great for DIYers that want to buy Quality and Custom Window Coverings.

Conversation Starter

Great way to get the conversation started.


Can be a very efficient way to purchase your blinds

From a small town? Don’t have access to many window covering vendors?

We can be your virtual guide and have the product shipped directly to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual / Remote Services

Is a Virtual Consultation Free?

Yes the virtual consultation, just like the in-home version, is free.

From consultation to delivery, what kind of timeline are we looking at?

Depends on the supplier product and time of year. Different suppliers have different lead times and also have greater demands on some products more than others. Typical lead times are 3-4 weeks with 4-5 business days for shipping. Pro Tip: Buy your shades in January/February when there is the least amount of demand in the industry as a whole.

I live out of your area. Can I purchase from you and still have someone install them for me?

Yes you can. We have a large installer network across the country. More than likely we will be able to line you up with a professional installer in your area.

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