Canadian Blind Manufacturing

Local. Dependable. Innovative. We like to refer to them as the little manufacturer that could.

CBM carries all types of products from automated bottom up rollers to venetian blinds. They use Somfy motors as well as their own proprietary line. They are local, based in Richmond, which is great for many different reasons, especially in today’s economic climate. They are the most accurate and dependable supplier we use and that says a lot.

Product Categories

  • Roller Shades
  • Bottom Up Roller Shades
  • Faux Woods
  • Cellaris – Cellular Shades
  • Montage – Zebra Shades
  • Sheered Horizontals
  • PVC Vertical Blinds
  • 1” Aluminum Blinds
  • Somfy Motorization and Automation
  • CBM Proprietary Motors

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Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian Blind Manufacturing

What type of motors does CBM use?

CBM has access to Somfy’s full line of motors, components and controls. They also have their own proprietary motor that works for many of their shade types.

Can CBM Shades be automated?

Yes. Both of their Somfy and proprietary motors can be automated through a hub. Somfy can be integrated into any system. Currently CBM brand motors can work with Alexa and Google Home assistant as well, but no home automation system. They are working on a driver so that they can be integrated into Control 4.

How can such a small company stay competitive in a world of massive corporations and conglomerates?

CBM uses a core line of products that they specialize in and can stay competitive by buying a lot of a little. They don’t have the widest range of material but that’s ok, because the majority of people use the same 10 fabrics from other suppliers that have hundreds of options. Total brain drain. Paralyzed by choice – we see it all the time. They never compromise on quality or accuracy, so they are consistent. Consumers always know what they are getting.

Does CBM have any cordless products?

Yes. Their Cellaris cellular shades come in cordless as well as roller shades and faux wood blinds.

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