Vernon Natural Shades

Bring the warmth and beauty of Vernon's outdoors into your home or office with natural shades from the best brands. Combine rustic or exotic charm with functionality, as natural shades will provide you with privacy and control over your light.

Our Brands

Creates a rustic look inside your home!

Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Add ons include privacy liners both Light Filtering and Room Darkening and side tapes. These shades are also available in top down bottom up and in a vertical drapery solution.

Why Choose Westbeach Natural Shades?

  • Optimize your Light Control 
  • Softly filters Light
  • Comes in Room Darkening and Top Down Bottom Up
  • Colour Co-ordinate the Liner
  • Provide Exotic Ambience
  • Eco friendly Fabrics
  • Can also be made as Vertical Draperies

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"High Quality Window Coverings for Picturesque BC Views"

Natural & Wood Shades FAQ

Are there size limitations for the edge binding of Natural Shades?

Yes, there are size limitations for the edge binding of natural shades, such as Roman or roll-up shades. These limitations are typically determined by the manufacturing process and the materials used in the production of the shades. Factors such as the width and length of the fabric, the type of mechanism used to raise and lower the shade and the weight of the fabric can all impact the size limitations for edge binding.

Is edge binding available on all Natural Shades?

Yes. We will automatically colour coordinate your edge binding but you can also customize your colour choice.

Are liners available with Natural Shades?

Yes. There are light filtering or room darkening liners to optimize your Light Control. Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades can also have the liner operate independently from the shades so you could have the shade drop down and the independent liner roll up so that when you want to darken the room you just need to drop the independent liner.

Can Woven Wood Natural Shades be automated?

Yes, they can either be hardwired or battery powered. Woven Wood Natural Shades can also be done as motorized with the Top Down Bottom Up feature.

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