The finest roller shade drives in the world.

Lutron uses the quietest, most powerful low voltage shades in the industry. The shades are easy to integrate into must home automation systems. Lutron can make shades as large as you require. Lutron is for the savvy consumer who wants the best roller shades on the market today. Lutron also has a number of other product lines that will add a touch of luxury and intelligence to your home or office.

Product Categories

  • Roller Shades
  • Tensioned Roller Shades for Skylights
  • Honeycomb Shade
  • Sheered Horizontal Shade
  • Triathalon Wood Blinds
  • Triathlon Battery Shades
  • QS Sivoia Wired and Wireless Drives
  • QS Drapery Tracks
  • Kirbe Vertical Drapery System

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lutron

Can Lutron be tied into my home automation system?

Yes Lutron shades can be tied into most home automations systems.

What is Battery Boost?

Battery Boost is a feature that allows Triathalon shades to run even longer. Most shades have an expected battery life of 5 years!

I don’t have any home automation. Can I automate my Lutron shades?

Yes. The Lutron app (along with their drives) is the best in the business. The app controls your shades, lights (need Lutron lighting controls) and your Sonos (Sonos required)

What is Natural Light Optimization for Triathalon Wood Blinds?

Using Lutron’s app, you can enable this feature to automatically tilt blinds to preset angles throughout the day to diffuse direct sunlight and maximize comfortable daylight in any space. So you can let just the right amount of light in throughout the course of the day.

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