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Sleek, versatile and minimalist, roller and solar window shades in Vernon are the perfect addition to any contemporary home. These rollers can quickly be converted to motorized shades - giving you full convenience and control over your lighting.

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Solar shades are our most popular shade.

Cut out glares, protect floors and furniture from fading all while preserving your view. These shades work in many applications . Automation, modern residential, corporate/work spaces and for multi-family structures.

Why Choose Westbeach Roller & Solar Shades?

  • Reduce Glare and cut out solar gains.
  • Achieve Privacy
  • Modern, Clean Appearance
  • Budget Friendly
  • Easily Automated

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Roller/Solar Shades FAQ

How do I decide which Solar Shade openness percentage is right for what I need?

Firstly, think about how much you care about outward visibility versus privacy. Roller Shades are like life, in that they come with a series of compromises. The better you can see outside – the better people can see inside your home at night. That’s why figuring out the right balance there is the most important.

Different opacities will all work well against blocking UV but if your goal is to block the sun, go with a 1%. If you want to have some blockage but completely preserve your view, go with a 10%. If you’re somewhere between those two points, you can go with a 3 or a 5%.

What kind of energy savings can I expect?

It’s hard to quantify the amount of savings you can get, as every situation is unique. However, as soon as you install a Solar Shade and stand behind it on a sunny day you can feel the difference in heat. It feels like being in the cool shadows on a hot sunny day, which is why people love Solar Shades.

How much care and maintenance do Solar Shades require?

Basically zero. They should be dusted regularly so that the dust and grime do not build up. But other than that there is nothing you have to do except treat them well.

Do Solar shades offer privacy?

There are different opacities and some Solar Shades are more private than others. Blackout Shades offer complete privacy and darken the room, while translucent fabrics let in light, but you cannot see in or out. There are semi-sheer and sheer fabrics that are going to offer different levels of privacy.

There are also Solar Shades which are meant for reducing glare and blocking UV light. Solar Shades have different opacities that you can choose from based upon your personal needs./p>

I have really wide windows, can they be done with one Roller Shade?

Most likely. Roller Shades can be done up to 16 feet wide.

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