Vernon Motorized & Automated Blinds

Automated blinds make a functional addition to any space, simplifying your life and increasing the efficiency of your Vernon home or office.

As technology advances and becomes more accessible, smart and automated features are becoming a staple in new homes, but implementing them into your older home is easier than you think!

Our Brands

We offer a large assortment of premium brands and products that can be controlled by wireless remotes or home automation systems. You can even control your window blinds and shutters through your smartphone or tablet. Shades can be powered as a part of your home electrical system (pre-wiring required) or with batteries (rechargeable or disposable).

Motorized & Automated Blinds Make Life Easy

Gone are the days of clunky cords and chains taking away from the aesthetic of your room. Automated shades are the perfect solution for those looking for simplicity in their daily routines. Not only do these shades save you time, but you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shades are working for you, even when you’re away.

Why Choose Westbeach Motorized & Automated Blinds?

  • Easily control those hard to reach shades and blinds.
  • Once programmed, you can control your lights by simply hitting a button or “setting it and forgetting it” with timer features.
  • Set timers and have your shades automatically adjust themselves every day.
  • Connect your automated blinds to your home automation system to centralize all smart home features.

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Vernon Motorized & Automated Blinds FAQ

How are motorized window coverings controlled?

In general, motorized shades are controlled by a wireless remote. They can also be controlled by your home automation system, smartphones or tablets. They can even be controlled by your voice (When integrated with systems like Alexa or Google Home).

There are also simpler motorization systems available where you can simply pull a wand and the shades will stop at the preset top or bottom limit. These are the entry level in motorization.

What is the difference between motorized and automated window coverings?

Motorized means that your blinds are simply being operated by a motor as opposed to a manual device like a cord or chain.

Automated means programmed to automatically operate on a schedule or when they are included in a scene. With one press of a button or voice command your lights can be turned down, the music can turn on and your shades can drop, so you can have the privacy you need to dance the night away.

How are motorized window coverings powered?

Motorized window coverings can be powered by the electricity in your home or by batteries. Shades can come with plug in transformers and the wires would be surface run from the shade to an outlet nearby. Wires can also be run (by an electrician or low voltage specialist) and this way we can hide the wiring in your walls.

It’s best to plan early in your build or renovation so that you can add wire where you need it. Your battery powered coverings could be powered by an internal rechargeable motor or by rechargeable or disposable batteries. You’ll find that some systems use AA batteries and others might use D or C Cells.

When should I contact Westbeach about a motorized shade budget?

We recommend contacting us at the very beginning of your project.

Firstly, it’s much better to have wire run to power the shades prior to drywall being put up. It’s very cheap to run wire – but, after the walls go up, it becomes more difficult to do or you may run into restrictions with shade sizing if you choose battery powered shades.

It’s also a good idea to include motorized window coverings in your initial budget, as this is often an overlooked aspect of homebuilding and renovation. If you plan for the cost of motorized shades at the beginning you will much more likely be able to fit them into your budget.

How large can motorized roller shades be?

Battery powered shades can be up to 12 feet by 12 feet. Line voltage shades can be as large as you need. You are only restricted by fabric widths, but it’s possible to get around that problem with proper seaming.

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