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Get Westbeach involved early in the planning stages of your Vernon project!

Planning for automated shades is truly half the battle. When you plan for shades you ultimately get the best results.

Get Us In Early

Get us in early during the building process. Pre-plan what is possible. Prioritize shades in your project. Maybe we can save you on expensive landscaping, or other items that you are utilizing to create privacy.

Get Expert Advice

Get expert advice on all pre-wire that is required. Where to the wire. What type of wire is required. You will curse yourself if you had an opportunity to run wire when you are changing a battery down the road.

Budget for the Best

Even if you aren’t wiring for automated shades, it is still best to get us involved early. Again budgeting for window coverings is an important and often overlooked aspect of building a new home. Get us in, have us take a look and get you a price to put in your budget so that you can plan to have the window coverings you really want.

Think Aesthetics First

Building hidden pockets for your blinds and shades, even for manual options, is a great way to make the shades feel like they were a part of the design of your home. Shades retract up into the ceiling when not being used.

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Frequently Asked Questions About New Construction & Renos

Can I buy a manual shade and add a motor later?

You can yes. However, logistically it can be a pain as more than likely we will have to take your shade away in order to fit it with a motor. It will cost you more money in the long run. It is best to put in a motor at the time of purchase if you would like, but it is certainly possible to retrofit a motor.

Can you supply pre-made pockets for shades?

Yes. We have pockets that can be added to any project. Frame around the pocket and the shade will live inside.

How early should we get Westbeach involved?

As early as the planning stages. We can get you budget pricing at the outset of your project. Send us plans and we can do a take off and give you some options. At the very least get us involved before you start pre-wiring. Even if you motorize one shade, it will be worth it.

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