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From the versatility and elegance of side panels to the warmth and coziness of closing draperies, we offer a range of options to cater to every space. Discover the timeless appeal of custom Roman shades and experience the added layer of sophistication they bring to your home design. Whether you prefer our Hunter Douglas Design Studio Suite or our Custom local Vernon manufacturer, our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect window drape solution for your unique style.

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The final piece to completing your masterful home décor in Vernon. Distinguish your windows by adding a layer of luxurious colour or texture, creating a cost and inviting bedroom or living room. Perfect for light control and privacy, you can’t go wrong with these drapes.

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Simple and elegant, this contemporary pleat is perfect for today's modern homes in Vernon. Gliding easily along the tracks, the clean-cut tailored look is brimming with personality. If you’re looking to dress up a formal room with modern décor, look no further!

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Create an accent to finish off any room or space in Vernon and bring your design elements together! You’ll have coordinated or accented looks with a variety of textiles that are made custom to match or contrast your brand new window coverings.

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We have been serving our community since 2006. The experience we’ve gained led us to become a leading dealer in the window coverings business in British Columbia.

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Window Drapery & Upholstery FAQ

What is the difference between drapes and curtains?

Curtains are typically the go-to choice for those seeking a more casual or relaxed atmosphere. They often hang to the bottom of the window, offering a charming and breezy appeal. On the other hand, drapery exudes an air of sophistication and formality. It tends to extend all the way to the floor, creating an elegant and luxurious ambiance.

Another factor that sets drapery apart is its thicker liner. This liner not only enhances privacy but also provides superior light control and insulation, making it an ideal option for bedrooms or spaces where maintaining a cozy and serene environment is a priority.

By carefully considering the formality, length and functionality of your desired window coverings, you can transform your space into a personalized sanctuary that perfectly reflects your style and preferences.

Is drapery in style?

Drapery is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and for good reason! This classic window covering option is making a big comeback in the world of interior design. Why? Because drapery offers a multitude of benefits and adds a touch of elegance to any space.

One of the key advantages of drapery is its customizability. With various fabric options, patterns and styles available, you can tailor your draperies to perfectly match your personal taste and complement your existing home decor. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more traditional and opulent feel, draperies can be designed to suit your unique style.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, draperies are also highly functional. They excel at room darkening and sound dampening, making them an excellent choice for bedrooms or spaces where privacy and tranquility are essential. By blocking out excess light and reducing noise, draperies create a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Moreover, draperies serve as the perfect finishing touch for your home. They add a layer of visual interest and texture, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or add a subtle accent, draperies can elevate the style and sophistication of your space.

What types of windows would you not recommend drapery for?

While drapery can be a versatile and stylish choice for many windows, there are a few scenarios where it may not be the most suitable option. One factor to consider is the available space on either side of the window for the drapery stack. Draperies typically require a certain amount of space to stack when opened. If your window lacks sufficient room for the stack, it may limit the functionality and visual appeal of the drapery.

Additionally, while draperies can be used for various window types, they are often reserved for more formal rooms or bedrooms. Their luxurious appearance and ability to create a blackout effect make them ideal for creating a sophisticated atmosphere and ensuring optimal privacy.

That being said, draperies can work exceptionally well for wide windows or sliding glass doors. Their generous width and floor-length design can beautifully frame these larger openings, adding an elegant and dramatic touch to the space.

Can drapery be automated?

Absolutely! Drapery can indeed be automated, offering convenience and modern functionality to your window coverings. Motorization is the key to automating draperies and there are various options available to suit your specific needs.

Motorized drapery tracks can be powered using either low voltage or line voltage. This allows you flexibility in choosing the power source that works best for your setup. In most cases, you can simply plug the motorized drapery tracks into a standard outlet, making installation hassle-free.

Furthermore, with the advancement of home automation technology, motorized drapery tracks can seamlessly integrate into your existing home automation system. This integration allows you to control your draperies using your preferred automation platform or even through voice commands. Imagine adjusting your draperies with a simple voice command or with the touch of a button on your smart device, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Automating your draperies not only adds a touch of luxury but also provides practical benefits. With automated control, you can easily adjust the amount of natural light, enhance privacy and create a more energy-efficient environment.

Who makes the best drapery track?

When it comes to drapery tracks, two notable brands stand out for different reasons. Lutron is renowned for manufacturing some of the quietest and most advanced drapery tracks in the industry. Their tracks operate smoothly and silently, providing a seamless and tranquil experience.

On the other hand, Hunter Douglas is known for creating drapery tracks that offer exceptional aesthetic appeal. Their tracks are designed with attention to detail, featuring beautiful finishes and stylish options that can effortlessly enhance the overall look of your draperies and the room as a whole.

What is a ripplefold drapery?

A ripplefold drapery is a type of window treatment that features evenly spaced, uniform folds that create a sleek and modern aesthetic. The term “ripplefold” refers to the continuous ripples or gentle waves formed by the drapery fabric as it hangs from the track or rod.

Unlike traditional pleated draperies, ripplefold draperies use specific hardware and a unique track system to achieve their signature look. The fabric is attached to carriers that move along the track, creating consistent and evenly spaced folds when the drapery is opened or closed.

Ripplefold draperies are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors and patterns, allowing for customization to suit individual preferences and complement the overall decor of a room. They can be manually operated or motorized for added convenience and ease of use.

What are the advantages of ripplefold drapery?

One of the key advantages of ripplefold draperies is their ability to stack back tightly, taking up minimal space when fully open. This makes them an ideal choice for windows where space is limited. Additionally, the uniform folds of ripplefold draperies provide a clean and contemporary appearance, making them suitable for modern and minimalist interior designs.

How do I order products / request a quote?

To order products or request a quote, simply follow these steps:

  1. Shop our selection of blinds or window treatments.
  2. Select your desired product and customize it with the preferred features.
  3. Provide the measurements of your windows for accurate sizing.
  4. Add the chosen product to your quote basket.
  5. Send a request for your quote.
  6. Our team will carefully review your quote and calculate the final purchase price. This price will include shipping costs, applicable taxes, any additional charges and a payment link.
  7. Once you receive the quote, review it and ensure it meets your requirements.
  8. Accept the quote and proceed to pay your deposit securely through Stripe. We accept most major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  9. Complete the payment process and your order will be confirmed.

Our team is always here to assist you throughout the process and ensure a smooth and convenient experience.

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