New Construction & Renos In Vernon

Get Westbeach Involved in your Vernon project early!

Pre-Wire, Pre-Wire, Pre-Wire. At the outset of your project pre-wire for automation. It will save you later. If you are not going to automate, you should still get us involved early. Planning now will save you later.

What We Will Do For Your Commercial Space

We will assess your space and make sure we are getting you the best product for you at the most competitive price.

We will provide you budgetary pricing so that you can add this to your plans.

We will guide you through the pre-wiring process.

We will work with you on your schedule and make sure all of the timelines work.

We can guide you through any other construction issues such as pockets or valances.

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Frequently Asked Questions About New Construction & Renos

Can I buy a manual shade and add a motor later?

You can yes. However, logistically it can be a pain as more than likely we will have to take your shade away in order to fit it with a motor. It will cost you more money in the long run. It is best to put in a motor at the time of purchase if you would like, but it is certainly possible to retrofit a motor.

Can you supply pre-made pockets for shades?

Yes. We have pockets that can be added to any project. Frame around the pocket and the shade will live inside.

How early should we get Westbeach involved?

As early as the planning stages. We can get you budget pricing at the outset of your project. Send us plans and we can do a take off and give you some options. At the very least get us involved before you start pre-wiring. Even if you motorize one shade, it will be worth it.

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