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When it comes to insulating, room darkening, child safety, and versatility, cellular window shades in Vernon are the perfect choice. Don't just take our word for it, try them out for yourself and discover why these shades offer the best value and flexibility on the market.

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Cellular Shades Are Westbeach’s Specialty.

Looking to keep your home cozy in the winter; keep it cool in the summer? Cellular Shades are the best insulator against outside temperatures. Looking for Privacy? Try top/down bottom up. Cellular shades are also amongst the most versatile shades in the industry. They can be installed on Skylights, Sliding and Swing Doors.

Why Choose Westbeach Cellular Shades?

  • Best insulator against outside temperatures
  • Best for room darkening and light control
  • Bonus add-on feature is the top down bottom up (TDBU) function
  • Great Shade to Automate
  • Best in Cordless Control – Child Safety
  • Can be Installed on Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Can be installed on Sliding Glass Doors – Vertiglide
  • Can have Day/Night Option (Duolite) Sheer on Top/Room Darkening on the bottom

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Cellular Shades FAQ

How Wide Can A Cellular Shade Be?

Shades Can be made up to 174” as a single regular shade. Top Down Bottom Up is also maxed out at 174. However there is a max square footage of 144 on standard fabrics and 100 on Architella fabrics

Why do I see some manufacturers call them Honeycomb & some call them Cellular Shades?

These are interchangeable terms. Hunter Douglas invented the Honeycomb shade and therefore calls it Honeycomb Shades. Over the years other manufacturers have replicated their product and used the term Cellular Shades. Although Hunter Douglas is the leader in Honeycombs, other brands that use the term Cellular are offering a similar product.

Can I automate Honeycomb Shades?

Yes. All the brands of Honeycomb/Cellular Shades that we offer can be motorized or automated with an additional piece of hardware. Only Hunter Douglas offers automated Top Down Bottom Up shades.

Can Honeycomb or Cellular Shades be mounted on Tilt & Turn (Euro-style) windows?

Yes. Honeycomb Shades can be mounted on tilt and turn windows

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