Vernon Sliding Panels

Whether you're looking to block out the sun's glare or create a cozy atmosphere, our Vernon sliding panels have got you covered. The perfect blend of style and function, get a modern look with the versatility to control the light and privacy of any space.

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Available in most roller shade and natural shade fabrics.

This is a great solution for sliding doors or other wide windows.

Why Choose Westbeach Sliding Panels?

  • Like the back and forth functionality of a vertical but looking for a modern twist? Sliding Panels could be your answer.
  • They are great on sliding glass doors or extra wide windows.
  • They can function as a room divider.
  • Easy to use, good functionality.
  • Can Be Automated

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"High Quality Window Coverings for Picturesque BC Views"

Sliding Panels FAQ

What are Sliding Panel Blinds?

Sliding Panels are roller shade fabric panels (generally 20-30” wide) that are mounted on a vertical style track which moves left and right, similar to a traditional vertical shade.

Where do Sliding Panel Blinds work best?

Sliding Panels are suited for large openings or sliding glass doors. They are also a great choice if you’re looking for a room divider!

How wide can Sliding Panels be made?

Sliding Panels can be made up to widths of 16 feet. If you have a longer span we can connect two tracks, so when they’re closed they meet in the middle.

What kind of fabrics are used for Sliding Panels?

The vast majority of sliding panel fabrics are roller shade fabrics. You can choose from sheer, semi-sheer, solar fabrics, semi-opaque and room darkening.

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