Vernon Sheered Horizontal Shades

Upgrade your Vernon home's windows with the sleek, sophisticated style of sheered horizontal shades - a modern and chic choice that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Find the perfect fit for your taste with a range of textures and colours to choose from.

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A Classy Touch For a Very High End and Modern Look

Perfect for your more formal rooms or rooms that have a view, that you want to preserve as much as possible while still blocking light and achieving privacy. These have flexible function because, like other horizontal products, these shades can be tilted and closed. You can control the light through the tilt. The sheer offers some privacy with the ability to see outwardly with ease. And like a roller shade the shade can be lifted and rolled up into a cassette giving you full access to your window.

Why Choose Westbeach Sheered Horizontal Shades?

  • Looking for the function of a horizontal blind but with a classier feel
  • Own the Light! Filter Light. Completely shut it out. Or let it all in. It’s all up to you.
  • When shades are up they only take up 3 ½” at the top of the window leaving the rest of the window completely open.
  • Ultimate in privacy. During the day you can’t see back in through the sheer portion. At night you can just close the vanes to get full privacy
  • Available opacities are light filtering and room darkening.
  • Silhouettes come in 2”, 3” or 4” vanes. 
  • Silhouettes also come in ClearView. A feature that maximizes outward visibility.
  • Silhouettes have the A Deux feature which adds a room darkening roller shade in behind to maximize darkness
  • Available Operating systems are: UltraGlide, LiteRise (cordless) Easy Rise (Standard) or PowerView. With the PowerView App the shades can be automated and controlled by your phone, tablet or even your voice!

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Sheered Horizontal Shades FAQ

What is a Sheer Horizontal Shade?

A Sheer Horizontal Shade is one our most popular shade types. These are a roller shade that has horizontal louvers that can tilt.

What is the difference between Sheer Vertical Shades and Sheer Horizontal Shades?

The louvers on Horizontal Sheer Shades are horizontal whereas the louvers on vertical sheers are vertical, similar to drapery or vertical blinds.

Do Sheer Shades provide privacy?

Horizontal sheer shades offer you the ultimate in light and privacy. You can close them to have complete privacy or have them tilted for some privacy with the ability to see out.

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