Smart Homes & Automated Blinds In Vernon

Let us be the best part of your smart home in Vernon!

Westbeach can provide expert advice and design in how to integrate our products into your smart home. All of our products can be integrated. We have a vast range of wired, wireless and battery powered shades that will suit your home and application. Don’t have a smart home? Start with some automated shades – it is the best part anyways.

Why Choose Automated Shades?​​

Maximize Use of Your Shades

You will use automated shades more.

Use Your Voice!

All of our shades can be controlled by your voice through Alexa, Apple Home Kit or Google Home Assistant

Energy Efficient

Automate your shades to keep your space cool in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter

Child Safety

Automated shades are by nature without cords, therefore they are child-safe!


No Cords or Chains holding back your design.

Set it and Forget It

We all are busy. Why not take something off your plate? We can set our shades to timers or sync them to sunset or sunrise. Create an alarm by having your shades open while you are sleeping and wake up with the sun shining into your room. Have the shades come down on the south side of your home by 10 AM to avoid unnecessary solar gain.

Get The Most Out of Your Window Coverings.

We can guarantee that you will use your smart shades more than your not as smart shades. Hit a button and the shades move. Program them Automation means you will use them. It means you will use them daily. It also means you will use them optimally. Harvest Light and Block Solar gain to the best of the shades abilities.

Automated Shades

Automated shades are becoming the norm. Today, without having to install a full home automation system, you are able to control, time and schedule to set your window coverings to do whatever and whenever you desire.

Optimize when your shades are up or down in order to keep heat in or harvest that sunshine when required in the home. Looking for a cool new alarm? Your new automated window coverings can wake up before you do in order to get your day started on time and on schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Homes & Automation

What Automation Systems do your products work with?

The short answer is any system you want. We have multiple systems that will work with all leading brands of Home Automation. Control 4. Savant. Crestron. IFTTT. ELAN, URC, Remote Technologies Inc.

Can your shades be operated by Apple Home Kit, Alexa or Google Home Assistant?

Yes all of our shades can work with apple, amazon and Google. Each manufacturer would provide an integration hub that will speak the language of Siri, Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Do shades need to be hardwired to be automated?

No. Battery shades can be automated. Communication between our shades and the automation system can be done wirelessly as well. This makes retrofitting an apartment for automation easy

How often do batteries need to be changed?

It really depends on the size of the shade and the frequency of use. Hunter Douglas and Somfy roller shades need to be changed about every 12-18 months on average. Lutron shades with battery boost need to be changed about every 3-5 years.

Will you be able to help us get set up on Alexa?

Yes we can help you set up commands on Alexa. It is best if we help you initially and you take it from there. This way you add can add and change scenes etc moving forward.

Do you carry Lutron Radio Ra 2 Select?

Yes we do! You can use this device to bring in dimmers and music as well. The Lutron App is the best in the business. You can control Lutron dimmers and Sonos music as well as your shades of course. Set timers and Create Scenes as well.

I have Control 4, can I add your shades to my system?

Yes any of our shade brands can be added to Control 4.

Is it affordable to automate shades?

Yes. All of the motors we carry are ready to be automated. All you need to do is add an a hub from any of our suppliers. This in in the range of $250-$350 and you have automated shades. These hubs also all double as integration devices and will allow your shades to be able to be controlled by almost all home automation systems and voice control devices such as Apple Home Kit, Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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